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Summer Check-In: How Your Business Benefits from Marketing Networking Events

marketing networking events

Are you a small business owner struggling to make time for networking events? Or are you doubting whether going to marketing networking events even makes sense?

You’re totally right to question. 

In our modern age of data-driven marketing, small business owners can become obsessed with ROI. For every dollar they spend, they want to know what they’ll get back. For every hour they invest, they want to know it’s worth their while.

Marketing networking events can be harder to pin down, but in our experience, they’re far more valuable than they get credit for. 

For example, we had the opportunity to hold our own event this year – the Full Sail Summer Fest open house — and we saw firsthand the impacts that were had, not just for our own business but for those from the community who attended, mingled, and made contacts with other professionals.

To share more about the value these marketing networking events can bring, we’ve outlined some of our favorite reasons below. 

Why Marketing Events Should Be A Part Of Every Business’s Marketing Plan

In the world of business, growth relies on more than just the services or products you offer. 

It thrives on relationships, connections, and staying ahead of industry trends. This is where marketing events come into play. 

These events are not just opportunities to exchange business cards; they’re crucial components of your business’s marketing plan.

Paul Graham, the founder of Y Combinator, a renowned business incubator, once famously said entrepreneurs need to “Do things that don’t scale.” 

We can understand this to mean a bunch of different things, but small business owners should know this applies perfectly to networking events. 

You can only ever go to one at a time. You may not be able to create 10x results every time you go. But each time you go, you’re making an investment in your marketing that can have huge returns. Let’s break down five of them.

5 Benefits Of Marketing Networking Events For Businesses

Imagine being in a room filled with entrepreneurs, all driven by the same desire: to grow and succeed. That shared desire often leads to mutually beneficial connections that support multiple businesses.

This is the potential of marketing networking events. These events offer an opportunity that extends far beyond the handshakes and the “hi, how are you?” interactions. 

Here are five reasons these events will help you market your business:

  1. Stay In-The-Know – As business owners, we sometimes get bogged down with the day-to-day details that we miss the bigger picture. Networking events oftenMarketing events keep you updated on industry trends, helping your business remain competitive and innovative. Insights gained here are invaluable.
  2. New Ideas – Meeting with other business owners is a good way to learn about what’s working for them, and those fresh perspectives can lead to breakthrough strategies for your business.
  3. Meeting Like-Minded People – Being a business owner can be difficult, so it’s nice to find folks who share your passion. Connecting with these like-minded individuals can lead to collaborations and inspiration.
  4. Developing Surprising Partnerships – Part of what makes a marketing networking event interesting is not knowing entirely who you’ll meet. Attend the right kinds of events (more on that in a minute!) and you’re likely to forge partnerships that can extend your reach and capabilities.
  5. Finding New Team Members – Looking for the right talent? Don’t want to wade through 1,000 resumes? Marketing events attract professionals from various backgrounds. Here’s your chance to spot potential team members who align with your vision.

How To Know Which Marketing Networking Events To Attend

Now that you’re more aware of the benefits of marketing networking events, the next step is to ensure you’re investing your time and resources in the right ones. 

Not all events are created equal, and your participation should align with your business objectives. Here’s how to navigate the landscape and choose the events that will truly make a difference:

  • Relevance – Ensure the event aligns with your business goals and industry. Avoid events that won’t provide value to your specific needs. If the only thing you’re getting is a free cocktail, you might want to consider.
  • Attendee Profiles – Research the expected attendees. Are they potential clients, partners, or experts in your field? While it’s not always possible to know the attendees ahead of time, you’ll want to make sure there’s at least some overlap to help break the ice.
  • Host Reputation – Investigate the event’s history, reviews, and past attendees’ feedback. A reputable event is more likely to deliver on its promises, as well as attract the kind of people you’d like to spend time with.
  • Quality Planning – Check out the event’s agenda. Does it cover topics that genuinely interest you? High-quality content guarantees a worthwhile experience.

Strengthen Your Marketing Strategy With Full Sail Media

Embrace marketing networking events as an integral part of your business growth strategy, and we’re here to ensure your marketing sails smoothly. 

As a one-stop shop, we offer strategy, marketing, and fulfillment services tailored to your specific needs. Let’s collaborate and steer your business towards success.

Ready to elevate your marketing strategy by incorporating marketing networking events? Work with Full Sail Media to craft a customized plan that propels your business forward. Contact us today to set sail on your journey to success!