Direct Mail Response Rates: Direct Mail in the Digital Age

direct mail response rates

If you’re wondering whether direct mail is still effective in our digital age, it’s worth thinking about trust. In today’s fast-paced, digital world, it’s easy to be seduced by cool-sounding trends and technology, like artificial intelligence. It’s just as easy to overlook the power of traditional marketing tactics that drive direct mail response rates.  Yet […]

Everything, Everywhere All At Once: Planning Your Omni Channel Marketing Strategy

Omni Channel Marketing

Crafting a successful omni channel marketing strategy requires a careful approach that accounts for every touchpoint in the customer journey. Have you ever felt like your marketing strategy isn’t cohesive? Tired of trying a bunch of different tactics – email, direct mail, social media ads – but it’s not adding up to anything special? That […]

How Learning Your Brand Archetype Will Make Your Marketing More Effective

Brand Archetype

Discovering and understanding your brand archetype is the key to unlocking a powerful marketing strategy that resonates with your target audience. With over 33 million small businesses in the US, the idea of competing with all of those brands to get any individual customer’s attention can seem overwhelming. When you start to see sinking sales […]

Why Digital Marketing Matters For Small Businesses

Image of a female small business owner

As a small business owner, there’s no doubt you know how impactful digital marketing has become.  Digital marketing, the process by which companies are marketed online, can lead to you connecting with new customers, building relationships with current ones, and improving sales. If it seems like everyone and everything has gone digital, you’re not alone. […]

New Business Development Representative Hire at Full Sail Media – Baltimore, MD

Photo of Business Development Representative, Tiffany Barthelme

Baltimore, MD – based Full Sail Media announced this week the hiring of Tiffany Barthelme as a Business Development Representative. With years of award-winning experience at a Fortune 50 company, Barthelme’s proven success in sales, marketing, and advertising will drive Full Sail Media’s business growth. During the 7 years in her most recent role at […]

Why you should use videos in your small business marketing efforts

Man holding megaphone announcing marketing strategy

As a small to medium sized business owner, you’ve likely heard a lot about using video to promote your business.  Plus, you’ve surely seen a lot of examples of other businesses doing that, from short videos that pop up on your social media feed to longer commercials playing on television. If you’ve been considering this […]

Getting Started With Video Marketing in 2022 For Small and Medium Businesses

The At Cause podcast has officially launched!  For episode 1, hosts Kevin Kuchar, Full Sail Media’s Chief Creative Officer, and Nelson Anderson, Full Sail Media’s founder, share the must-know details of getting your business started with video marketing. Take a look above (and don’t forget to subscribe for more video marketing strategies!). Now, let’s dive […]

Are you using video?…
your competitors are

Video Content is King.   When thinking about quality video content marketing you are describing more than simply uploading homemade videos from your smart device to popular social media channels like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and others. Quality video content marketing is the process of creating and distributing content that is consistent, of high quality, and is […]

$10K of Free Rocket Fuel for Your Marketing

Have you been thinking about a new website, advancing your social media or email advertising? Now is the time! The Anne Arundel County Economic Development Corporation has announced the Digital Services Grant Program. Grant Deadline October 1, 2021 The grant is for Anne Arundel County small businesses and nonprofit organizations seeking the purchase of or […]

Hi Sales, Hi Marketing… it’s time for you to meet

maryland online advertising company

Why Integrated Sales and Marketing Teams are No Longer Optional If business growth is what you’re after, integrating these digital marketing tips into your sales functions is key. Many businesses run these departments in silos, which means they are acting alone without ever connecting to meet the same goals. Understanding how to marry the two […]