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Full Sail Media promotes Gun Safety with St. Mary’s County

On Saturday April 6th the staff from the Studio attended the Southern Maryland Fishing and Outdoor Adventure Fair held at the St. Mary’s County Fairgrounds. We attended on behalf of the St. Mary’s County Health Department promoting their Group Violence Intervention Program and Firearm Safety. 
We successfully distributed approximately 100 firearm trigger locks to St. Mary’s County residents and families. The turnout was fantastic, and we will honored to assist with this program. 

St Marys Show Table

As part of a public service program Full Sail Media’s Digital Studio has teamed up with St. Mary’s County in Maryland to create a series of ads to promote gun safety practices in our community.

Information From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 

Between 2019 and 2020, the firearm-related homicide rate increased approximately 35% and the firearm-related suicide rate remained high. 

The largest increase in firearm-related homicides was among African-Americans (39%). The largest increase in firearm-related suicides was among American Indian and Alaska Native people (42%). 

In 2020, counties with the highest poverty level had firearm-related homicide rates 4.5 times as high and firearm-related suicide rates 1.3 times as high as counties with the lowest poverty rates. 

Firearm-related deaths continue to be a significant public health problem in the United States, In 2020, 79% of all homicides and 53% of all suicides involved firearms. 

What is the “Group Violence Intervention Program” 

“We are committed to preserving a safe, healthy, and strong community. The Group Violence Intervention (GVI) program reduces homicide and gun violence, minimizes harm to communities by replacing enforcement with deterrence, and fosters stronger relationships between law enforcement and the people they serve. 

To Learn more about this program visit: https://smchd.org/