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May’s Pet of the Month

With five goats and more on the way, Marilyn’s small farm brings joy to her, her family, and many of the neighborhood children.

Can you introduce us to your pets? Tell us their names, breed.

We have Peachy (Tri-color), Posie (Black/White), Rosie (all white) and Josie (Brown). They are Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

How long have you had your pet, and how did you come to adopt or acquire them?

About 5 years, I was helping on a farm with goat yoga and they were being retired because they were getting too big for yoga, so I bought them.

What is the most endearing or amusing trait of your pet?

Athleticism and ability to train to do yoga, they are cute when they are playing

How would you describe your pet’s personality in three words?

Energetic – Docile – Endearing

What is a typical day like for your pet?

Eat, sleep and play

How does your pet react when you leave for work or come back home?

They miss the attention and getting their heads scratched

What activities or games does your pet enjoy the most?

Escaping from their yard, eating, running and playing and they love attention

Have you ever taught your pet any tricks or commands related to your work?

They are trained for yoga so they would be a great work asset to help relieve stress