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10 Times When Your Phone Isn’t Enough For Small Biz Video Marketing

Video Marketing

While your smartphone might be convenient for snapping quick photos or videos, should you trust it to handle all your video marketing?

When it comes to the kind of video content meant to have an impact, it’s important to understand when to invest in professional video production. There are instances where a cell phone and ring light suffice, of course! But for more strategic, high-stakes content, superior equipment is non-negotiable. 

We’re here to explain why a dedicated video production setup surpasses a smartphone setup in key marketing scenarios.

  1. Product Launches

Think about the way Apple sets up their products for success. When a product launch is impeccable, when it captures the finest details and functionalities of the product, you’re set up for success.

Unfortunately, cell phones can fall short in delivering the high-quality visuals required to make a professional, compelling introduction of a new product to the market.

  1. Customer Testimonials

For certain industries, especially ones like healthcare, serious quality is a must. This captures the essence of the customer’s experience far more effectively than a cell phone.

Professional video production packages enhance credibility by using multiple camera angles and superior sound quality. 

  1. Corporate Events

It’s true that a cell phone can capture the moment of an event in a great, spontaneous way. When it comes to recaps and posterity, high-quality visuals and audio are key. 

  1. Training Videos

For clarity and effectiveness, training videos benefit immensely from detailed visuals, on-screen text, and clear voice overs, which are best achieved with professional video production.

  1. Advertising Campaigns

Advertising demands the highest quality in terms of visuals and sound to persuade and stay memorable. Professional video production delivers polished results that can influence viewer behavior more effectively than cell phone videos.

  1. Real Estate Showcases

Property listings shot with professional equipment provide a more immersive viewing experience, likely attracting higher-value offers compared to simple cell phone videos.

  1. Website Content

High-quality videos elevate a website’s professionalism and user engagement, which not only improves customer perceptions but can also positively impact SEO.

  1. Social Media Marketing

While quick updates might suffice with cell phone footage, high-stakes campaigns or announcements on social media platforms demand the quality only professional video production can provide.

  1. Crowdfunding Campaigns

A well-produced video clearly communicates the value proposition of a crowdfunding campaign, significantly enhancing its chances of success.

  1. Company Profiles and Executive Interviews

Cell phones can certainly help to make your executives and team members more accessible. However, for official interviews and media pieces, videos of company executives discussing mission and values are more trustworthy and authoritative when shot professionally.

What You’ll Get With Our Video Production Packages

We understand that each business has unique needs. That’s why we offer three distinct video production packages designed to cater to a range of requirements and budgets:


Our Flex video production package requires just a one-time fee so you can get up and running without a long-term commitment.


  • An advance production day to plan your video content meticulously.
  • A half-day on-site professional video shoot with state-of-the-art equipment.
  • A highly skilled production team to capture and craft your message.
  • Post-production resulting in 7-second, 15-second, and 30-second commercial segments, perfect for distribution across various marketing channels.
  • Access to a content repository of b-roll material for future video needs.


Our Scalable video production package is based on an annual subscription andi s ideal for businesses seeking ongoing video support.


  • Two video shoots at your locations with all necessary professional equipment.
  • Capture of powerful b-roll footage showcasing your people, operations, services, and products.
  • A second video shoot to capture professionally scripted material about your business.
  • Two video shoots at Full Sail Media Studio to update and discuss new developments in your business.


Our Impact video production packages are designed to maximize your video’s impact.


  • A guided discovery session to fully understand your company’s unique value proposition, mission, vision, and values.
  • Access to our full suite of equipment and our award-winning production crew.
  • An observation day within your company to showcase your people, processes, products, and services with meticulous attention to detail.
  • A fully produced 10-minute short film that highlights your business, your people, and the impact you offer your customers.

Book Your Next Shoot With Full Sail Media’s Video Production Team!

Learn more about our video production packages and see how we can help you capture the essence of your business in every frame. When you’re ready, send us a message and let us know how we can help.