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3 Examples of Every Door Direct Mail

Author: Bobby Firestein

This is where Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) can be a powerful tool. EDDM is a service offered by the United States Postal Service (USPS) that allows businesses to send promotional materials to every household within a specific geographic area without needing to know individual addresses. 

How does it work? You select ZIP codes with the demographics you desire (such as those with average household income over $100,000 or higher-than-average level of home ownership). Then you send your mail piece to every address in that ZIP code for a discounted rate.

Example 1: Local Restaurant

A new family-owned Italian restaurant,  Bella Italia, was struggling to attract customers in a competitive market. Despite excellent reviews from those who visited, they needed to increase foot traffic and local awareness. Bella Italia decided to use EDDM to entice local residents to try the restaurant through a targeted mail campaign.

Campaign Description:

Belle Italia chose ZIP codes within a five-mile radius, focusing on areas with a high concentration of families and young professionals who are likely to dine out.

The mailer was a colorful, eye-catching postcard featuring mouth-watering images of their signature dishes. It included a map showing the restaurant’s location and highlighted the restaurant’s family-friendly atmosphere.

The postcard offered a “20% off your first meal” coupon, valid for the next month.

The results? Bella Italia saw a significant increase in foot traffic, with a redemption rate of 15% on the coupons. Over the course of the month, this resulted in a 25% increase in overall sales.

Example 2: Home Improvement Service

 Top Notch Roofing wanted to expand its customer base and generate more leads, especially after the recent storm season, which caused roof damage in many homes. The company decided to use EDDM to inform homeowners about their services and offer a special storm damage repair discount.

Campaign Description:

Top Notch Roofing targeted ZIP codes in suburban neighborhoods known for older homes (which were the most likely to have sustained damage during the storm) within a 10-mile radius.

The mailer was a professionally designed flyer featuring before-and-after photos of their roofing projects, customer testimonials, and a prominent call to action.

The flyer offered a free roof inspection, along with a 10% discount on any roofing services booked within the next 60 days.

The results? The company received a response rate of around 8%, leading to a substantial number of inspection requests. Top Notch Roofing experienced a 30% increase in leads, with many inspections converting into paid projects, significantly boosting their revenue over the next quarter.

Example 3: Dental Practice

Smile Bright Dental, a local dental practice, was facing a decline in patient visits and wanted to attract new patients, especially families, to fill their appointment slots and grow their practice. Smile Bright Dental decided to use EDDM to reach potential patients in the community and offer an incentive for them to schedule appointments.

Campaign Description:

Smile Bright Dental selected ZIP codes in nearby residential areas with a high percentage of families and young children, focusing on middle-income neighborhoods.

The mailer was a glossy, high-quality postcard with bright, friendly images of children and families. It highlighted the practice’s services, such as pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, and general dental care.

The postcard offered a free initial consultation and x-rays for new patients, with an additional 15% off any dental treatment booked within the next three months.

The results? Smile Bright Dental saw an influx of new patients, with many taking advantage of the free consultation. The campaign led to a 20% increase in new patient appointments and a 15% increase in overall revenue as these patients proceeded with recommended treatments.


These case studies illustrate how EDDM can be effectively used by different types of businesses to solve specific problems, enhance local visibility, and drive measurable results. Before launching an EDDM campaign of your own, however, we recommend talking to one of our experts to make sure EDDM is a good fit for you.

*Examples provided here are fictional but based on real-world examples.