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4 Benefits Of Large Format Printing For Businesses of All Sizes

large format printing

Looking for an advertising strategy that’ll give your company an edge? Before you head straight for IG ads and influencers, let’s talk about the tried-and-true large format printing.

While digital marketing may be one of the most talked-about types of marketing, large format printing still stands as a reliable and valuable way to stand out in a crowded marketplace. 

At Full Sail Media, we understand the challenges faced by businesses like yours, whether you’re a local restaurant owner trying to attract more diners or an HVAC business looking to carve a niche in Central Maryland. 

As a comprehensive marketing partner, Full Sail Media brings decades of experience to the table. But that’s not all—we’re also the force behind Anderson Minuteman Press, with a stellar 25-year track record in commercial printing in Central Maryland and beyond. 

Today, we want to pull back the curtain on large format printing. We’ll break down how some of the most popular formats that businesses today are using, then share how large format printing can boost your brand’s visibility, create memorable branding, and ultimately drive sales. 

What Is Large Format Printing?

Large format printing is a versatile and impactful printing technique that goes beyond the capabilities of standard consumer printers. 

It enables the creation of eye-catching, oversized materials that can be used for various marketing purposes. 

Below we have a dozen examples of large format printing products, and how different businesses can take advantage of them.

12 Examples of Large Format Printing Your Business Should Be Using

  1. Adhesive Vinyl
  • Ideal for storefront window displays, car wraps, and indoor graphics.
  • Restaurants can use adhesive vinyl for creative window decals, showcasing daily specials or creating branded vehicle wraps for food delivery.
  1. Event Signage
  • Perfect for trade shows, conferences, and promotional events.
  • Service businesses can attract attention at trade shows with attention-grabbing event signage featuring their unique offerings.
  1. Indoor and Outdoor Signage
  • Versatile for branding and directional signage in and around your business.
  • HVAC businesses can use large format signage to guide customers to their services and showcase promotions.
  1. Lamppost Signs
  • Excellent for outdoor advertising.
  • Local shops can utilize lamppost signs to promote special offers, seasonal sales, or community events.
  1. Point-of-Purchase Displays
  • Enhance in-store marketing and encourage impulse purchases.
  • Retail stores can use these displays to showcase new arrivals and highlight limited-time discounts.
  1. Pop-Up Graphics
  • Create attention-grabbing displays for tradeshows and events.
  • Restaurants can use pop-up graphics to transform their booth into an inviting dining experience at food festivals.
  1. Retractable Stands
  • Convenient for presentations and exhibitions.
  • Service businesses can use retractable stands to illustrate their services and success stories at industry events.
  1. Sandwich Signs
  • Versatile for curbside advertising.
  • Local shops can place sandwich signs on sidewalks to attract foot traffic and promote daily specials.
  1. Shelf Talker
  • Boost the visibility of products on store shelves.
  • Retailers can use shelf talkers to draw attention to specific items and highlight their benefits.
  1. Wall Murals
  • Transform your space into a captivating brand experience.
  • Restaurants can create immersive dining environments by decorating their interiors with engaging wall murals.
  1. Window Clings
  • Enhance storefront windows with vibrant graphics.
  • Brick-and-mortar shops can feature seasonal or promotional window clings to entice passersby.
  1. Yard Signs
  • Perfect for outdoor advertising, such as real estate listings and events.
  • For service businesses like HVAC, yard signs can advertise services in specific neighborhoods.

4 Benefits of Large Format Printing for Business Marketing

Now that we’ve explored these compelling examples, let’s pull back to 30,000’ to see the overall benefits large format printing will have on your business marketing strategy.

  1. Enhanced Visibility

Large format printing commands attention and helps your brand stand out in crowded marketplaces. It’s a powerful tool to boost your business’s visibility and attract potential customers.

  1. Versatility

From indoor signage to outdoor advertising, large format printing offers versatility for a wide range of marketing needs. It allows you to adapt your message to different settings and audiences.

  1. Memorable Branding

Large format prints provide ample space for impactful branding elements. Create memorable visual experiences that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

  1. Increased Sales and Conversion

Engaging visuals and compelling messages delivered through large format printing can drive sales and encourage conversions, making it an invaluable asset to your marketing strategy.

Work With Full Sail Media To Leverage Our Large Format Printing Expertise

Large format printing can drive results for online businesses, brick-and-mortar storefronts, and businesses that rely on both their website and real-world presence.

Ready to see how large format printing can impact your business? Our one-stop shop marketing agency is here to partner with your small business and help you achieve your marketing goals. 

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