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Abby, the Queen of Duns Cove

  1. Can you introduce us to your pet? 

Abby is Sharon and my wonderful black lab. Being a lab, she’s a great companion, but where she’s happiest is at our shore house on Dun Cove on the Eastern Shore.

  1. How long has she been part of your family?

We got her as a puppy 14 years ago. My girls were morning the loss of our previous Blond Lab, so after an appropriate time, we got Abby.  

  1. What is Abby’s most endearing or amusing trait?

 There are many, but Abby’s patience is beyond reproach. When she’s decided it’s time to play fetch, she will get a ball and place it at your feet and stare down at the ball and then up at you until you throw it for her.

  1. Describe Abby in three words?

A Gentle Spirit

  1. Describe her typical day.

Abby isn’t the active girl she once was. For many years she was primarily an outside dog, preferring to spend her days with nature or with me in the shop in my garage, but as she’s aged, things are different. When we’re not at the shore, much of her day is taken up napping at Sharon’s feet. Sharon’s one of Full Sail’s Graphic Designers, and Abby’s generally found either under her desk as a wonderful foot warmer, or in a big, cozy chair in her office.

  1. And how is her day different at the shore?

Her days at the shore are busy. She generally gets up shortly after sunrise and waits to go out. There is a lot to do in her world. She’ll patrol the shoreline, and then lay on the porch surveying her domain. Quite suddenly, she’ll see something and chase after it. I don’t know how she decides which of the birds, deer and squirrels need to be run off, but some definitely get a pass while others don’t.

  1. What activities or games does your she enjoy the most?

She’s a lab, so anything involving the water. And when you combine the water with a ball, she’s in her happy place.

  1. Have you ever taught him any tricks or commands?

Abby and I are both avid kayaker and Paddleboarders.