Brand Impact Video

It’s time to turn your brand into a high-impact experience that more effectively engages your customers. 

At Full Sail Media, we have developed a Brand Impact Video that leverages the advantage of high-quality video production with industry-leading branding design to capture the experience of working with your business.

Because it captures that experience, the Brand Impact Video drives better outcomes for your business. By using a production process standardized in the motion picture industry and tailoring it to businesses, we’re able to create a specialized, 10-minute film that delivers what it’s like to work with your business to the most important audience: your customer. 

Numbers Don't Lie


The amount people remember from videos they watch


Increase in web visibility


increase in revenue seen after implementing video

... What will your numbers be?

Outstanding company. They really work with their clients to make sure they’re getting services that help the business grow.

Thanks to the entire Full Sail Media crew for all you do.

Our Process


With Full Sail’s Pre-Production Process, we begin our discovery process for a full understanding of your company’s unique value proposition, mission, vision, and values. 

Our first step is a 24-question survey to be completed by all the stakeholders in your business. To fully understand and appreciate the talents of your team, we then complete an observation day within your company. This allows us to showcase your people, processes, products, and services with close-up attention to detail. 

Our Pre-Production Process results in a fully written script about your business that you’ll help tailor to ensure an impactful video.


When it comes to your Brand Impact Video, the impact of our industry experience ensures an end result that’ll endure. 

We bring all the elements of a major motion picture set to you, providing professional-grade equipment and an experienced production crew to direct your team.

This experience means we keep a tight, two-day schedule that we know works. On Day One, capture the spoken word, dialogue, and any other audio. On Day Two, we capture the necessary footage documenting your business. 


This is where we combine the audio, the visual, and the script, resulting in the unique experience that will connect your business directly to your audience. 

Our editors are award-filming producers with the experience of shaping footage into compelling on-screen narratives. They take great care to shape your footage into a fully produced 10-minute short film on your business, your people, and the impact you offer your customers.

Once produced, our team will work with you to identify distribution opportunities for your film.