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Bringing Direct Mail Into 2024 With CrossPoint DM 

Is direct mail still relevant today? In a world obsessed with digital marketing, social media, and scrolling, is there room for physical letters in your marketing campaign?

In one word, absolutely. One of the most effective marketing strategies emerging today is taking direct mail and integrating it into an omnichannel strategy. By doing so, we revitalize the classic letter, coupon, and postcard, making them key players alongside the formidable digital channels. 

This approach not only diversifies engagement tactics but also enhances the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, creating a memorable and tangible consumer experience.

So, just how does combining direct mail and digital marketing help boost your marketing ROI?

In our experience as a one-stop shop for marketing, there are seven reasons we’ve seen that make it effective. We’ve laid them out below – feel free to take a look, and if you have any questions, drop us a message

How We Know Direct Mail Is Still One Of The Most Efficient Marketing Tactics Today

Direct mail, like the majority of marketing tactics, is going to require a budget. Now, you likely have a finite number of marketing dollars, so it matters how you spend them. 

Let us let you in on a secret: If you integrate marketing channels, your marketing dollars go further—a lot further. 

Take a look at some of these stats: 

  • Marketing campaigns that use direct mail and one or more digital media experience a 118% lift in response rate compared to using direct mail only. (Merkle) 
  • Marketers using three or more channels in any one campaign earn a 287% higher purchase rate than those using a single-channel campaign.  
  • Purchase frequency is 250% higher on omnichannel vs. single channel and the average order value is 13% more per order.  

Integrating your marketing channels – that is, combining those channels to complement each other – means that you are sharing a consistent message across the right channels at the right time, multiplying your investment exponentially. You just get more.   

7 Reasons Why Including Direct Mail In Your Omnichannel Marketing Is A Recipe For Success

By engaging consumers where they are—online, in-store, or through their mailboxes—omnichannel strategies ensure consistent messaging and branding across all touchpoints. 

This interconnectedness not only widens your reach but also deepens customer relationships, driving loyalty and conversions, helping to grow your business. 

Including direct mail in your omnichannel mix adds a tangible, memorable dimension to your campaigns, enriching the customer journey with a physical touchpoint that digital channels alone cannot replicate. 

Here are seven reasons why blending direct mail with your omnichannel marketing efforts is a recipe for success.

  1. Reinforcement

Eighty percent of sales are made between the 8th and 12th marketing touch. 

Omnichannel marketing provides reinforcement of your message that builds brand recognition and amplifies your marketing efforts. 

  1. Variety

 Reinforcement of your message is critical. However, if you use the same channel (or a select few channels) to make all of those touches, your audience is likely to start tuning you out. But when you use a wide variety of channels (YouTube ads, Facebook and Instagram ads, Discovery ads, geotargeting, and more), you stay in front of your audience with engaging content without being redundant and annoying. 

Take social match as an example. You drop a direct mail piece announcing the opening of your new store. Using social match, Full Sail Media can match Facebook and Instagram accounts to the mailing list to deliver social ads (optimized for each channel) to feeds before, during, and after the mailer hits. 


Notice how the message (above) is being reinforced in two different social media channels, but with entirely different imagery and approach for each channel. Although you are hitting the prospect with two additional touches, it doesn’t feel redundant. 

  1. Consistency

Done right, omnichannel marketing is an integrated strategy in which all channel work together. This results in a consistent message and brand experience across different platforms that helps build brand recognition and trust.  

Studies consistently show that brand familiarity and trust have a significant effect on brand performance, including brand loyalty, intention to buy, and willingness to recommend the brand to others. 

  1. Data integration and personalization

Omnichannel marketing leverages data from multiple touchpoints to create a unified customer profile. This allows you to create a more comprehensive profile of your customers that includes their preferences, behaviors, purchase history, and channel, timing, geolocation preferences, and more. 

  1. Increased engagement and interactivity

With the digital channels, marketers can incorporate interactive elements, such as social media, mobile apps, and personalized content. This interactivity fosters engagement and helps businesses connect with their audience on a deeper level that benefits both print and digital. 

  1. Optimized customer journey

Omnichannel marketing allows businesses to map and optimize the entire customer journey. From awareness to purchase and post-purchase engagement, marketers can strategically guide customers through each stage, increasing the likelihood of conversion and retention. 

  1. Flexibility and Agility

Because omnichannel strategies incorporate so many different channels, they are highly adaptable to changes in consumer behavior and market changes. Use what works, don’t use what doesn’t!  

The result of all of these factors? Higher revenues and greater customer retention. 

Omnichannel marketing is more than bombarding your target audience with messages from every angle. It’s a strategic investment that pays dividends in so many ways. You don’t have to add all of the various channels all at once. You can start small, add channels as you gain confidence, and our experts will be with you every step of the way. 

Learn How Full Sail Media Can Help You Get Started With Omnichannel Marketing 

Ready to see how to better integrate direct mail into a more holistic, omnichannel marketing strategy?

At Full Sail Media, our expertise in blending traditional methods like direct mail with cutting-edge digital strategies ensures your brand not only reaches its audience but resonates with them on a deeper level. 

Whether you’re looking to refresh your approach or build a comprehensive campaign from the ground up, our team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Contact us today to discover how we can help you craft a marketing strategy that’s not just effective, but unforgettable.