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Bruno Wittgenstein Bechtel (Rooney)

Can you introduce us to your pet? Tell us their name, breed, and age.
Bruno Wittgenstein Bechtel (Rooney), 8 year old Basset Hound mix

How long have you had your Rooney, and how did you come to adopt or acquire him?
I’ve had him for 7 years, and I adopted him from the York County SPCA in 2016.

What’s Rooney’s most endearing or amusing trait?
It wouldn’t be endearing to most, but he slobbers like a monster. When he gets excited he drips drool, and then shakes his head so the strands wrap around his snout.

Can you describe Rooney’s personality in three words?
Loyal, curious, lazy

What is Rooney’s typical day?
Rooney goes to daycare at Camp Bow Wow while I’m at work, where he runs around with other dogs all day. On my days off, we lounge around quietly and he sleeps in any sunny spot he can find.

How does your he react when you leave for work or come back home?
Rooney has separation anxiety and cries and barks incessantly when he’s left alone. When I drop him off at daycare he’s perfectly happy to be taken back to the play area, but when we pick him up he makes sure to tell us (loudly) how much he missed us!

What activities or games does Rooney enjoy the most?
Rooney definitely has a hound nose and loves to sniff. He likes to go on walks where we stop every 10 feet or so for him to sniff something new.

Have you ever taught him any tricks or commands related to your work? 
I’ve never taught him any commands related to work, but he learns very quickly. The only problem is that he only listens to commands if there’s food involved!