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Colonial Chemical



Colonial Chemical Gets a Fresh Look and Powerful E-Commerce Capabilities with Full Sail Media


The big question here was, “How do you make chemicals relatable?” This was an important question to ask because Colonial Chemical not only sells to larger manufacturers but also to DIYers who make cleaners and self-care products at home. The challenge was to make their brand and business model attractive and accessible to both types of clientele. On the technical side of things, the challenge was working through the debris left by their previous web company. Edits to their site were labor-intensive and their SEO was lagging.


We focused on delivering brilliant visuals and a dynamic e-commerce experience to double Colonial Chemical’s web traffic in less than a year. We gave their website a total makeover with a whole new user interface. We also leveraged their podcast platform to drive engagement and company awareness. Colonial Chemical has seen great success in working with Full Sail Media, so much so they are planning a spin-off brand geared towards DIYers.

Success by the Numbers


increased web traffic in less than a year


nationally ranked 1st page keywords


Hours saved monthly on administrative tasks


"Industrial" can still be relatable

A big sticking point for this client was making their offerings more relatable. The chemical industry is not a glamorous one, but there’s no reason it has to turn people off. We wanted to show both the professional and at-home buyers that they were representative of our brand. We did this through the use of compelling visuals depicting all dimensions of the product: chemistry, industry, and family.


We are their Fully Integrated Marketing Partner

Our relationship with Colonial Chemical is highly collaborative. Our partnership grows and evolves as their needs grow and evolve. We work with them to brainstorm solutions as well as implement them, all the while we are keeping track of their web analytics and making suggestions on how to get their marketing and branding work better for them.

Web Design

Focusing on User Experience pays off

Colonial Chemical’s website is big, with dedicated pages for each of the hundreds of formulations and hundreds of products they advertise. Getting all of this information into the site was one thing, but making it digestible for the end-user was a whole other. We needed to ensure all the required regulatory and control information was available, but we also needed to explain how their products are used so that non-industry folks would understand. We also had to design an interface that would allow users to easily navigate within the site and find what they were looking for. Through a lot of time, effort, and some web wizardry, we were able to deliver a quality product that ultimately resulted in the doubling of their web traffic in less than a year.