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Automation and Dedication Forged the Path to Success for This First-of-its-Kind Glucose Monitoring Device


Senseonics, a medical manufacturing company for a glucose monitoring system, was seeing tremendous growth. However, meeting the demand to provide marketing resources for clients and their growing sales team, proved difficult. In navigating a large supply chain, predictability and reliability from other vendors were beginning to deteriorate and created a domino effect of missed deadlines. Senseonics ultimately determined they were in need of a single point of contact that could streamline the logistics of printing and fulfillment for their domestic and international markets. After several rounds of meetings, they felt confident Full Sail Media could tackle the challenge.


With the implementation of automation and a little bit of elbow grease, we were able to get Senseonics to a level of efficiency they had never experienced. As a result, they are now able to strategically expand their marketing efforts and avoid bottlenecks. With the creation of a custom web-to-print storefront, Full Sail Media became Senseonics’ dedicated printer, warehouse, fulfillment center, inventory supervisor, and consultant all in one.

Success by the Numbers


saved on marketing overhead


work hours saved annually


Service-level agreement for on-demand shipping


Arming Sales Reps with an easy pick-and-choose web portal

Rather than having sales reps submit internal email requests for demo materials and branded promotional products, we developed a comprehensive web storefront for them to use. This portal created an e-commerce like experience for reps to order marketing materials directly and have them delivered quickly. Senseonics preloaded approved items to the web store and made them available to their reps at any time. This level of automation meant Senseonics could spend more time doing what they do best – saving lives.

Print on-demand

High quality print materials and on-brand swag made this medical manufacturer unstoppable

Providing real-time access of inventory levels to the client was an important goal we made sure was available. Having this feature allowed us to automate notifications of low inventory and trigger production workflows to resupply as needed. We were able to commit to a 24-hour shipping agreement for inventoried products and 36-hours for print-on-demand products.


Everything you need right at your fingertips

As Senseonics grew, so did their needs. We were able to develop solutions specific to their needs and scale right along with them. Roadshows were key to getting awareness and industry support for Senseonics, but they were not equipped to efficiently get through that process alone. Over several iterations, adjusting along the way, Full Sail Media was able to devise and build roadshow kits for their sales reps. The kit included all the physical marketing materials needed (retractable banners, tablecloths, demonstration materials, and branded swag) to command a strong presence at trade shows and pop-up presentations. When a roadshow wraps up, the rep can simply pack the kit up and shipping it home to our warehouse for future use.