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7 Ways To Mix and Match Print and Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

If there’s one constant in marketing for small businesses, it’s change. While you may have a tried-and-true method now for reaching your customers, there’s no guarantee that what’s worked in the past will continue working in the future. Embracing Digital Marketing for Small Businesses ensures adaptability and relevance in today’s dynamic market landscape.

Now, it’s all well and good to talk about it in theory, but what does this kind of combination actually look like? To help you get a better sense of what these campaigns can look like, we’re sharing seven examples below of mixing print and digital marketing for small businesses. 

  1. Social Media Management + Promo: Engage, Excite, and Expand

Social media can be about more than sharing the latest memes. Leverage engaging social media campaigns to promote branded swag like pens, mugs, and innovative giveaways. 

Encourage your online audience to participate in contests or giveaways to win these items, creating excitement and boosting engagement. 

These campaigns not only increase your online presence but also foster a community around your brand.

Sending out these branded items keeps your business top-of-mind with your customers. As they use these items daily, they serve as constant reminders of your brand. 

Combining social media engagement with promotional items ensures that your brand remains visible and relevant both online and offline, creating a lasting impression.

  1. Lead Generation + Direct Mail: Connect Digitally and Physically

Digital marketing is one of the best ways to generate new customer leads and capture potential customer information. 

One way to leverage this information bonanza is to follow up with a targeted direct mail campaign, sending personalized postcards or brochures to these leads. 

This approach creates a tangible connection with your digital leads, making your outreach more personal and memorable.

This dual approach strengthens your relationship with potential customers by combining the efficiency of digital lead generation with the personal touch of direct mail. 

It ensures that your brand stands out, not just as another email in their inbox but as a physical reminder that they can touch and feel.

  1. SEO Services + Offset and Digital Printing: Optimize and Engage

Enhancing your search engine optimization ensures your website ranks high on search engines, driving organic traffic and improving visibility. 

Well-optimized content attracts potential customers who are actively searching for what you offer.

Complement this digital strategy with high-quality printed materials like booklets and brochures. Include QR codes in your prints that lead to your optimized web pages, creating a seamless transition from print to digital. 

This approach not only boosts your online traffic but also engages customers in a more interactive and memorable way.

  1. Email Marketing + Design & Layout Services: Consistent and Compelling

Email marketing campaigns are highly effective in driving conversions with personalized, high-ROI messages. 

Professionally designed emails catch the reader’s eye and deliver your message effectively.

Extend this visual appeal to your printed materials. Use cohesive designs for both your digital newsletters and printed flyers or postcards. 

This consistency ensures a unified brand presence across all channels, strengthening your overall marketing efforts and making your brand instantly recognizable.

  1. Social Media Management + Apparel: Wear and Share Your Brand

A strong social media strategy builds an engaged community around your brand, encouraging interactions and fostering loyalty. 

Promote your brand further by integrating branded apparel into your campaigns.

Run social media contests where participants can win custom promotional clothing. This strategy encourages user-generated content and expands your brand’s reach as people wear and share your branded apparel. 

It creates a buzz online and ensures your brand is visible in the real world as well.

  1. Lead Generation + Promo: Nurture Leads with a Personal Touch

Another way to nurture the leads you’re generating online is with a personal touch by sending branded promotional items like pens or mugs along with a thank-you note.

This approach builds goodwill and keeps your business in their thoughts, increasing the likelihood of conversion. 

Combining digital efficiency with the personal touch of promotional items creates a comprehensive lead nurturing strategy that leaves a lasting impression.

  1. PPC Marketing + Direct Mail: Double the Impact, Double the Reach

PPC ads are a terrific way to capture potential customer interest at critical moments, driving targeted traffic to your website. Plus, the data you get is really useful.

Follow up your digital ads with beautifully crafted direct mail pieces. A well-timed postcard or brochure serves as a physical reminder of your brand, reinforcing the message of your PPC campaign. 

This strategy ensures that your brand stays top-of-mind both online and offline, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

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