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The Arts Council of Anne Arundel County Fuels Creativity and Community

This June, as we all celebrate Anne Arundel Arts Month together, we’re reminded now more than ever of how art truly transforms a community.
Though this month is a testament alone—with all of the arts festivals, exhibitions, performances, workshops, and more—the Arts Council of Anne Arundel County (ACAAC) does this inspiring work all year long.
At Full Sail Media, we are thrilled to spotlight this incredible organization whose dedication to the arts and culture enriches our community. As our June Changemaker, let’s examine how ACAAC contributes to making Maryland a thriving place for all.

Presenting the Arts Council of Anne Arundel County

The Arts Council of Anne Arundel County was founded to provide leadership, funding, and support to artists and arts organizations, in order to promote artistic expression and a connection with our historic past. With a vision to foster a community where arts and culture bring people together, ACAAC ensures that creativity thrives, binding and celebrating diverse backgrounds.

Their commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility is at the heart of all their programs and services, making the arts a unifying force in Anne Arundel County.


The Importance of the Arts for Maryland

The arts play a crucial role in enhancing the quality of life for all Marylanders. They celebrate the richness of our cultural achievements and support quality education by raising academic achievement, fostering positive work ethics, and improving attendance – all values that ACAAC embodies. The Arts Council of Anne Arundel County supports this essential sector through arts advocacy as well as various programs and initiatives, ensuring that the arts continue to thrive and benefit everyone.

Moreover, the arts drive much-needed economic development by providing jobs, fostering consumer spending, and generating tax revenue. Every dollar invested by the State of Maryland into the arts economy of Anne Arundel County generates more than $9 in revenue for our local community.

State funding for the arts is effectively leveraged by revenue from other sources, including county, city, and foundation grants, revenue from fundraising events, and individual and corporate donations.

How Arts Council of Anne Arundel County

Impacts the Community

Grants and Funding

ACAAC invests in the local arts community through a comprehensive grantmaking program.

  • The Community Arts Grant provides general operating funds to the county’s nonprofit arts organizations.
  • Mini Grants support high-impact projects by a wider range of nonprofits, that reach new audiences or fill community needs.
  • The Arts in Education program funds school performances and artistic residencies in the county’s public and private K-12 schools.
  • Annual Strategic Impact Grants provide one-time funding for transformative projects that stimulate innovation and build organizational capacity.

These grant programs reflect ACAAC’s principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, making arts opportunities more accessible to all.

Arts Angels Scholarships

The Arts Angels Scholarships empower young, aspiring artists who lack the financial means to pursue their artistic dreams.

This program ensures that talent and passion are nurtured, providing children with opportunities to participate in arts programs and camps.


ACAAC curates and hosts numerous exhibits throughout the year, showcasing the talents of local artists and making art accessible to the community. These exhibits not only highlight artistic excellence but also inspire and engage audiences of all ages.

Annie Awards

The Annie Awards celebrate outstanding achievements in the arts within Anne Arundel County. By recognizing artists, educators, and organizations, the Annie Awards highlight the vital contributions of the arts to our community’s cultural landscape.


The ACAAC annual Gala is a much-anticipated event that brings together art enthusiasts, supporters, and community leaders.

This celebration raises essential funds to support ACAAC’s initiatives and provides a platform to honor those who have made significant contributions to the arts.

Public Art

Driving the growth of public art in Anne Arundel County is an increasingly important part of ACAAC’s mission. They support the City of Annapolis, Anne Arundel County, and myriad other organizations with the expertise to select, install, and fund public art projects that beautify public spaces, making art an integral part of everyday life.

These installations promote community pride and provide accessible cultural experiences to all residents.


Support the Arts Council of Anne Arundel County

At Full Sail Media, we believe in the power of community and the transformative impact of the arts. We are proud to celebrate the Arts Council of Anne Arundel County and the contributions they make to Anne Arundel County, and to the state of Maryland.

We invite you to join us in supporting the Arts Council of Anne Arundel County. Whether through volunteering, applying for their artist calls, or attending their events, your involvement helps sustain and grow the vibrant arts community in Anne Arundel County.

By contributing to ACAAC, you are investing in a future where creativity and culture continue to thrive and enrich our lives.