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Warrior Medical Podcast

Full Sail Media recently joined forces with Warrior Medical to host a deeply insightful discussion featuring Dr. Tim Romanoski and Brad Masters, Chief Medical Officer at the Mood Center. This partnership coincided with Men’s Mental Health Month, aiming to shine a spotlight on crucial issues surrounding men’s mental well-being.

The conversation, themed around vulnerability, bravely challenged traditional views of masculinity and mental health. Dr. Romanoski and Brad Masters explored topics like depression, anxiety, and the broader mental health landscape for men. They shared personal journeys and professional insights, shedding light on the silent struggles many men face.


The discussion emphasized the importance of confronting these issues directly, breaking down outdated stigmas that often deter men from seeking help. Valuable resources were shared to support those grappling with mental health challenges, fostering a culture of openness and honesty.

This insightful conversation is now accessible on Warrior Medical’s YouTube channel, offering essential perspectives on men’s mental health. It encourages viewers to embrace vulnerability as strength and take proactive steps toward mental well-being.

Full Sail Media’s collaboration with Warrior Medical, highlighted by Dr. Tim Romanoski and Brad Masters’ discussion, significantly contributes to Men’s Mental Health Month. It underscores the need to dismantle stereotypes and create a supportive environment where men can openly address their mental health. This initiative marks a positive stride toward a healthier, more understanding community for men worldwide.