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Why you should use videos in your small business marketing efforts

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As a small to medium sized business owner, you’ve likely heard a lot about using video to promote your business. 

Plus, you’ve surely seen a lot of examples of other businesses doing that, from short videos that pop up on your social media feed to longer commercials playing on television.

If you’ve been considering this kind of marketing for your business, you may be asking a few questions. Questions like what kinds of results you can expect from video marketing and how to even get started.

Today, we’re breaking down the answers to both so you can feel confident about starting your own video marketing journey.

Small business video marketing by the numbers

In business, it’s important to understand what the market is doing. It wasn’t too long ago that only a few merchants were using online shops – now, it’s essential.

So, how does video marketing stack up?

Here are some recent statistics about video marketing by small business owners:

  • 87% of small business marketers are using video
  • 74% conversion rate for marketers using video
  • 66% potential boost in revenue
  • 90% increase in web visibility

There’s a pretty large consensus that video marketing works – and has an impact in a number of key areas. Of course, we want to be careful about just doing something because everyone is doing it.

So, how do consumers treat video marketing?

Here are a few recent pieces of data about how the average consumer interacts with video.

  • 54% of consumers want more video 
  • Consumers watch 7 hours of video online each week
  • People tend to remember 80% from the videos they watch

Now, we can see there are certainly returns on investing in video. But how do we actually get started with making videos in the first place?

How to start implementing video marketing for your small business

At Full Sail Media, we’ve seen firsthand how small and medium sized businesses can benefit from video marketing.

We’ve also heard from a number of companies who believe that video marketing is out of their reach. This can mean that they believe the costs to get started are too high or that the technical needs are too great.

Like many marketing tools, the sky’s the limit in terms of costs – there are always more advanced pieces of equipment and more expensive processes. That said, at Full Sail Media we’ve designed a few packages that make a continued video production effort accessible.

One Video, Maximum Impact with the Brand Impact Video

We put together our Brand Impact Video package as a way to highlight the experience of working with your business.

Designed to fully capture that experience through high-quality video production and industry-leading branding design, this 10-minute video (we prefer to think of it more as a film) drives better outcomes.

Engage Customers Regularly With Flex Video

As you read above, customers have a tendency to watch what they’ve seen. To make sure they are seeing this video in a number of formats, we put together an accessible video production package.

With Flex Video, businesses receive the following:

  • An advance production day to plan your video content
  • A half-day, on-site, professional video shoot with state-of-the-art equipment operated by a highly skilled production staff
  • A post-production process that results in 7-second, 15-second and 30-second commercial segments to distribute as part of your holistic marketing plan.
  • Following this, businesses will have access to a content repository of b-roll material that can be used for future videos   

Keep Your Video Content Current With Scalable Video

Your business isn’t static, and your videos should readily reflect that you’re dynamic and on top of current trends and news.  This package is the ideal way for businesses to create and use video to regularly and efficiently position themselves in the market.

Far from being a one-size-fits-all package, this is designed to help your customers stay on top of your changing business. 

The following are included in the Scalable Video:

  • 2 Video Shoots At Your Location – Here we’ll capture powerful b-roll of your people, operations, services and products, along with a second video shoot where we capture professionally scripted material about your business.   
  • 2 Video Shoots At Full Sail Media Studio – This is to capture updated statements from your stakeholders about what is new, developing, and important to your business.

Working with Full Sail Media to develop your small business video marketing

Deciding to incorporate video marketing into your small business marketing is a big step. At Full Sail Media, we’re here to help make that process as smooth as possible. 

Ready to talk about what you’ll do with your next successful video marketing campaign?