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Why Your Business Benefits from Using Multi-Purpose Products for Wide Format Advertising

Wide Format Advertising

When it comes to marketing for your small business, there are a million ways to complicate your process. You can find more ways to spend. You can find more channels to advertise. You can look for new audiences. To really maximize the impact you have with your spend, the key is finding ways to simplify your processes. For businesses that use wide format advertising, multi-purpose products are a great place to start. 

These versatile materials can be used across various applications, from wall decals to vehicle graphics, reducing the need for multiple specialized materials. This not only saves time and money but also supports sustainable business practices by minimizing waste.

Depending on just where you source your products from, though, you may not know if what you’re using is in fact a multi-purpose product. To help you gain a better understanding of just what the benefits are, and how to communicate them to your printer, we’ve gathered seven compelling reasons why you’ll benefit from the switch.

  1. Enhances Bottom Line Efficiency

Using multi-purpose products helps streamline your advertising efforts, allowing for more efficient use of resources. By reducing the need for multiple materials for different applications, you can significantly cut down on both production time and costs. 

For instance, a white decal that can serve as both a wall decal and a vehicle decal minimizes the need for multiple inventory items. This simplification leads to fewer changeovers in production, resulting in less downtime and start-up waste, ultimately improving your bottom line.

Example: A local restaurant uses a single type of decal for their wall menus and vehicle graphics. This not only saves them money on material costs but also reduces the time spent on ordering and managing different types of decals, allowing them to focus more on enhancing their customer experience.

  1. Promotes Sustainability

Sustainability isn’t just something your business does. It’s also strongly related to your suppliers. By confirming that your printer uses multi-purpose products, you play a part in reducing waste by minimizing the number of different materials needed for various advertising applications. 

This not only lessens the environmental impact but also helps businesses stay ahead of sustainability trends. By using one versatile material, companies can significantly cut down on unused material that often ends up in landfills.

Example: A retail store uses a single type of material for window displays, floor graphics, and shelf talkers. This approach reduces their environmental footprint by cutting down on the variety of materials they need to purchase and dispose of, showcasing their commitment to sustainability to their eco-conscious customers.

  1. Reduces Overall Costs

The cost savings from using multi-purpose products extend beyond just the initial purchase. These products can lead to reduced inventory costs, less waste, and lower shipping expenses. With fewer materials to manage, businesses can also benefit from bulk purchasing discounts and simplified logistics.

Example: An HVAC company consolidates their advertising materials by using one type of decal for both their fleet vehicles and office windows. This consolidation not only reduces their material costs but also simplifies their inventory management, resulting in overall cost savings.

  1. Maximizes Performance Range

Multi-purpose products are designed to perform well across a wide range of applications and environments. Whether it’s UV exposure, chemical resistance, or durability against abrasion, these products can handle diverse conditions, ensuring your advertisements remain effective and attractive.

Example: A city council uses a robust vinyl material for both outdoor public service announcements and indoor informational posters. This versatility ensures that their messages remain clear and vibrant, regardless of the installation environment, providing reliable performance for various campaigns.

  1. Ensures Consistent Colors Across Uses

Consistency in color is critical for brand recognition. Multi-purpose products help maintain uniform color profiles across different surfaces and applications, ensuring your brand’s visual identity remains intact. This consistency is especially important for national brands that require precise color matching.

Example: A nationwide chain of coffee shops uses the same material for their window decals, floor graphics, and wall posters. This ensures that their brand colors remain consistent across all locations, reinforcing their brand identity and enhancing customer recognition.

  1. Optimizes Inventory Use

By reducing the variety of materials needed, multi-purpose products simplify inventory management. This optimization leads to fewer stockouts, less wasted material, and more efficient use of storage space, contributing to a more streamlined and cost-effective operation.

Example: A bookstore adopts a single type of adhesive vinyl for all their promotional materials, from window decals to in-store signage. This reduces the complexity of their inventory, making it easier to manage stock levels and reorder supplies, ultimately improving their operational efficiency.

  1. Streamlines Workflow

Multi-purpose products contribute to a more efficient workflow by reducing the time and effort needed for production and installation. With fewer materials to handle and install, businesses can complete projects faster and with less labor, enhancing overall productivity.

Example: A service business uses one type of multi-use decal for their office signage and vehicle branding. This reduces the time spent on production and installation, allowing them to quickly and efficiently update their marketing materials, keeping their branding fresh and current.

How This Fits Into Our Print Marketing Services

We leverage the power of multi-purpose products within our comprehensive print marketing services to deliver outstanding results for our clients. Using multi-purpose products is just one way to streamline your advertising efforts, but there are many other opportunities to expand your print marketing strategy. 

Here’s how our services align and can help your business grow even further:

  • Design & Creative Services – For businesses already using multi-purpose products, we can create cohesive designs that translate seamlessly across various mediums.
  • Offset and Digital Printing – Our print team creates eye-catching booklets, brochures, and more to give your business a professional edge. Integrate these materials with your multi-purpose products to provide a consistent brand experience.
  • Large Format Signage – We help make sure you’re seen and remembered with everything from in-store signage and banners to wall murals and window clings. Leverage your multi-purpose products for cohesive large format signage that ensures brand consistency.

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