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Working With ForestPlanet, Full Sail Media Plants Thousands of Trees.

Each year more than 12 million seedlings are grown in this amazing nursery.

Forest Planet collaborates with established large-scale tree planting initiatives worldwide. Funds from Full Sail Media’s carbon offset program directly support the planting and maintenance of forests globally. The program’s impact extends beyond tree numbers, encompassing wildlife habitat restoration, soil improvement, and carbon sequestration. Moreover, it plays a pivotal role in community development.

For Forest Planet, community development translates into providing income security, food security, and hope for millions living on the edge. Trees play a crucial role in revitalizing soil by fixing nitrogen, aiding water retention, and promoting microbial diversity.

Partnering with ForestPlanet is a source of pride for us, as they are committed to being part of the solution. The trees planted today help rejuvenate soil, contributing to saving the planet one community at a time.