Promote Local

The right marketing mix to directly reach your local customers

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Why Promote Local?

When used together, direct mail and digital marketing are a match made in marketing heaven. 

Adding mail to the marketing mix has been found to boost ROI by 12%, while consumers who saw mail first spent 30% longer looking at related social media and advertising.

Outstanding company. They really work with their clients to make sure they’re getting services that help the business grow.

Thanks to the entire Full Sail Media crew for all you do.

The Best Way to Reach Your Audience?

It depends on a few things:

  • What are your goals with the campaign?
  • What is your budget?
  • And what do you know about your target market?


By analyzing and understanding your target market, you can leverage what’s great about direct mail marketing with what’s effective about email marketing to achieve your business’s goals.

What Promote Local Does for You

  1. Businesses select a volume of 6X9 direct mail postcards, targeted to a customized list with your ideal demographics.
  2. A follow-up email campaign and display ads campaign are launched to a matching list for maximum impact. 
  3. Progress is reported by conducting a Google Analytics review for your campaign.


From those analytics, Full Sail Media can refine and optimize each successive campaign, improving your ROI to help you reach your local customers more effectively.

Promote Local FAQ

A Promote Local campaign is designed to spread your business’s marketing message to your community in a variety of mediums. 

Because of that, Full Sail Media sees the most success in businesses that serve those communities. Businesses or groups that see the highest return on investment include Schools, Health and Wellness Services, Home Services, Gyms, and Retail, among others.

Promote Local might be a solution for you and your business if… 

…You are looking for new ways to effectively reach new customers 

…You are looking for ways to enhance an existing direct mail or email marketing campaign

…You haven’t thoughtfully considered demographics in your campaigns before 

…You are developing a holistic campaign and want to make use of the powerful combination of direct mail and email marketing

Businesses without a local footprint or a product relevant to the local community may not see as high a return on their Promote Local investment. 

Still, depending on the goal of your business’s campaign, this marketing mix can still be successful.