Quick Start Leads 

Get the right kind of leads for your business fast.

Numbers Don't Lie

... and that's just for one of our clients.

Why Quick Start Leads?

For some successful businesses, word of mouth is enough to keep new customers flowing in the doors, filling up the calendars, and making sales. 

For many other businesses, including recently launched one, lead generation is necessary to keep the business afloat.

As important as it is, lead generation can be a costly, time-consuming process. Depending on the type of service you offer, a sales cycle can take a month, six months, or even a year.

Without getting leads quickly, without those clients and customers who are interested in what we do, a business may not last.

That’s why Full Sail Media created the Quick Start Leads program.

Marketing Leads Campaign metrics
5 different Leads Campaign for the same cosmetic surgery client. We can see the impact that ad spend has on gathering quality leads for any industry across all campaigns.

Full Sail has been a game changer for our business. They have dramatically increased traffic to our website and phone calls as well. They take something so overwhelming and make it easy to understand.

How Quick Start Leads Supercharges Your Sales Cycle

As a business, you need more than just leads. You need quality leads and you need to be able to get in touch with them as soon as possible.

To deliver the right kind of leads, the Full Sail Media team created the Quick Start Leads Program. This is a customizable, robust lead generation campaign that captures interest in your business from your target customers, then converts that interest into leads. 

For new and established businesses alike, it’s vital to find local quality leads. Full Sail Media leverages the robust lead generation platforms from Google, Facebook, and Microsoft to produce them for your business.

Strengthen Your Marketing

As part of this effort, Full Sail Media uses call tracking numbers along with a sophisticated tracking system to enable hyper-detailed optimization

Full Sail Media also adheres to Google, Microsoft and Facebook’s best practices in terms of set up, optimization and management which will also produce a higher ROI throughout the duration of your campaign.

By optimizing your campaign over time, Full Sail Media eliminates waste in budgets to produce the best leads for your business.

Quick Start Leads FAQ

Lead generation and lead qualification is ideal for businesses in the Home Services, Medical Practices, and Automotive sectors. 

There are a number of other local services and home services that can also benefit from a targeted campaign.

Your business could benefit from Full Sail’s Quick Start Leads Program if… 

… You are not reaching new customers  

… You have a new business or a newly launched branch for the business

… You are not reaching your sales objectives 

… Your existing sales pipeline is broken 

… Your leads volume has remained low

Quick Start Leads can be used on a month-to-month basis or on a monthly recurring basis. On a recurring basis, the campaign’s ROI will improve over time, making it more cost-effective. What is important on the business end is ensuring you have the capacity to reach out to the leads generated each month.

If your sales pipeline is full or you have reached your team’s capacity for handling new clients, you may want to pause your efforts.

Not every business is a good fit for Quick Start Leads. Businesses that are not looking to expand or grow, businesses that are experiencing strong word-of-mouth referrals, and businesses that have a limited capacity to take on new clients or welcome new customers may not see the same benefits from a Quick Start Leads campaign.