Social Media Essentials 

Connect with your customers by kickstarting your social media.

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Why Social Media?

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Social Media Essentials 

Meet Your Customers Where They Are

Social Media Marketing is a cost-effective and efficient way to connect and communicate with customers in real-time. 

In the US alone, consumers between the ages of 16 and 64 spend an average of two hours and three minutes each day on social media

Each day your company uses social media, you have an opportunity to connect. But when whole weeks go by with silence, a valuable chance to start a conversation is lost.

Don't Be Afraid to Engage

If your business is having trouble using social media consistently – or you don’t know what you should be using social media for – you’re missing out on that opportunity.

That’s why social media marketing is increasingly a part of a complete marketing strategy for small businesses. When done well, it allows you to meet your customers where they are: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

Social Media Essentials FAQ

Health Care, Service Businesses, Restaurants, and Retail often see the largest impacts from the consistent social media presence that our Social Media Essentials package offers.

Below are some of the indications that you might be ready for Social Media Essentials:

… You don’t feel confident in your Social Media Strategy – or you don’t have one at all

… You rarely post on Social Media

… You’re not sure which social media platform or platforms is right for you 

… You’re not sure what to post, or when, to help achieve your business objectives 

… Your Social Media pages don’t get much engagement (customers commenting, sharing, liking, or viewing your content)

… You look at your Social Media profiles, and you don’t feel that it represents your brand.

If any of the above resonates with you, get in touch with Full Sail Media today to see how our Social Media Essentials program can help.

All businesses benefit from Social Media supporting their brand. Social Media Essentials is intended for businesses that are not using social media at all, using it inconsistently, or not seeing a return on their investment

The following businesses may not be right for Social Media Essentials:

  • If you are posting regularly and pleased with the engagement and growth your business is experiencing
  • If you have a full-time Social Media Marketing manager, director, or team
  • Your business can’t take on any more clients, or is overcapacity

For any other businesses, Social Media Essentials can be just the foundation you’re looking for to improve your Social Media Marketing efforts.

Social Media Marketing is a huge opportunity. Social Media Essentials is just the beginning. If you are looking to invest further in your social media strategy, these are the areas that can lead to an improved ROI:

  • Planning a cross-platform social media strategy
  • Creating relevant content to your customers and digital advertising to reach them
  • Learning and managing social media tools
  • Monitoring and analysis, as well as adjustments, to fine-tune your strategies

Social Media Essentials is designed especially for businesses looking to create and curate the right presence on the right channels for their industry.    

With Full Sail’s Social Media Essentials you get: 

  • 2 social media posts per week, helping you to stay top of mind and engaged with your target customers
  • 1 blog per month, positioning you as an industry expert while also boosting your website’s search rankings 
  • A Google My Business Update/refresh, ensuring the best possible positioning for your local customers
  • Google Analytics Review, allowing for strategic improvements and improved ROI for your social media marketing