Bobby and Sharon’s Osprey have come home for the summer.

Pictures from Bobby’s Osprey-Cam show the nest-building process. On April 4th, the Osprey made their grand return to our nest on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Though we’re not entirely sure if it’s the same duo as before, we’re overjoyed to have them back and ready for observation via our Osprey Camera throughout the season. We’re also […]

Working With ForestPlanet, Full Sail Media Plants Thousands of Trees.

Forest Planet collaborates with established large-scale tree planting initiatives worldwide. Funds from Full Sail Media’s carbon offset program directly support the planting and maintenance of forests globally. The program’s impact extends beyond tree numbers, encompassing wildlife habitat restoration, soil improvement, and carbon sequestration. Moreover, it plays a pivotal role in community development. For Forest Planet, […]

Bruno Wittgenstein Bechtel (Rooney)

Can you introduce us to your pet? Tell us their name, breed, and age.Bruno Wittgenstein Bechtel (Rooney), 8 year old Basset Hound mix How long have you had your Rooney, and how did you come to adopt or acquire him?I’ve had him for 7 years, and I adopted him from the York County SPCA in […]

Meet Jack

Can you introduce us to your pet?  This is Jack. He is in the prime of his senior years, a seasoned 12-year-old.  His breed is a bit of a mystery.  We refer to him as a terrier chihuahua mix, but we like to think of him as a “Canine Cocktail”    How long have you […]